***August 11th, 2009

Yo Nadanerds.  Time to wake up Eddy and tune our guitars, we have a show!  Come relive the glory days with us at the Elbo Room in Chicago on Thursday, October 8th at 9pm.  We will unleash our new material as well as old favorites.  This show is not to be missed. We will probably have new t-shirts to peddle as well, so  bring your hard earned cash.  See you there.

***June 22nd, 2009

So, who thought we were dead? Be honest... I know it was all of you. I won't bore you with the details of the soap opera that is our rockstar lives, but i want you all to know the flag is still flying high at Nadacamp, and we will play a show or two this summer. But in case you are curious, long story short, in the past month or nineteen, BDK got hitched, Kage=Engaged, Kris had a kid and Eddy drank more beer. How sexy is all of that? Please stay tuned for more news. Booya.

***November 15, 2007

Hello friends, we are here to announce that we are still in the flippin' STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO and may never come out. But don't fret like a neutered pet, we have not abandoned our plans for world domination. Stay tuned for my insight from Eddy and other fun news as it occurs. Beep!

***April 17, 2007

Someone tried to hack us. Someone tried to corrupt our website with uncoolness. So we had them arrested, and now they are rotting in a malaysian prsion. We are flattered though, who knew our website was cool enough to be hacked. Eat that Kid and Play!

***April 5, 2007

All hail Jodie Sweetin, our drummer's new crush. Now i'm not saying he's going to kick his current squeeze to the curb for her, but i wouldn't be surprised if he calls her Steph in the bedroom and asks her to shout out "leaping lizards" and "how rude?" once in a while during sex. Stephanie Judith Tanner (born January 19, 1982) is a character on the sitcom Full House, portrayed by Jodie Sweetin. Stephanie is the daughter of Pam and Danny Tanner, and is D.J.'s younger sister and Michelle's older sister. Stephanie often struggled with being the middle child, and even tried to get married when she was six, figuring a husband would have to pay attention to her. She was the feistiest of the girls, a trait she inherited from her mother, and while she was a little wild in seasons six-eight - getting her ears pierced without permission, joyriding, etc. - she was still quite well behaved and very hard on herself when she did something wrong. She was very angry with herself for cutting off a lock of Jesse's then long hair in "Cutting It Close". When she backed Joey's car into the kitchen ("Honey, I Broke the House"), she ran away, wanting to change her name to Connie Chung, although once Jesse convinced her to return home and confess, she learned she'd be loved no matter what, a theme central to the show. Stephanie was very athletic, as she is seen scaling the curtains in the room she shares with D.J. in the first episode, and she pitches on a baseball team for two years. She also loves to dance and she performs ballet so well she has the chance to go to New York to a special school one summer, though she declines because it takes too much time from the other important aspects of her life.

***March 9, 2007

Dear Nada Nation: This is a call to all our past and future generations, we need your help designing our new website. we don't know what we need to have on it. do you guys want a blog? more music and videos? more and better updates? how about a sign up sheet to go on dates with Eddy? we need to use you as a focus group. email us your thoughts, and if we like yours best, we'll use your ideas, and send you some free stuff to compensate you. Only cool VIP stuff, like backstage passes, tasteful nude photos of us, and a t-shirt. In other Nada-news, we are still writing the new platinum hits for the big big record, that will be slightly delayed due to the extra awesomeness we are putting into it. Thanks to everyone who came out to our last few shows. The cover-up was a blast, and i think we represented the FOO very well. we should get some video of that up sooner or later. toodles for now!

***January 23, 2007

Nadadudes, we have a couple of cool shows coming up so check out this shows page. The Cover Up is upon us, as well as a cool Battle of the Bands, where we will need your votes. We'll bribe you for them. The super-mega Nada album is still underway with new material sprouting everyday from our brain hatchery. stay tuned for the latest updates about that. on a sad note, we had to cancel our trip to Harrisburg for the Millenium Music Fest, we decided to pass on playing at the Bikini contest and concentrate on the new record. but, we still plan on going out east this summer, so be patient east siders. and GO BEARS!

***November 9, 2006

Hey Nadapeeps, the newest news is that we are still in the studio kicking some ass, vocal work resumes on monday. I have been practicing my Pantera screams, and Boy George falsettos. We just got word about the next Cover Up and it should be a doozy, 4 nights of killer music across 2 venues. Check our shows page for details. Also check it in the near future for a Harrisburg Pennsylvania gig in February since we were just invited to the 2007 Millennium Music Conference, more details on that when i get them. Cheers for now!

***October 6, 2006

Tell Chicago we're back. Check the "shows" page for details, but we are pumped for our first show back in chi-twon in nearly 50 years... ok more like 1. Either way come see us open up for Keith Betti and some other bands. We'll be drinking diesel fuel and eating cartoon characters.

***September 20, 2006

Midpoint Music Fest baby! We are the best at last minute shows, and here is a doozy. we just got added to the Midpoint Music Festival this weekend in Cincinnati, OH. It's a star-studded 3 day/night event starting on thursday, but we don't play our showcase until Saturday. So if you live in the area or feel like taking a road trip, here is your chance to see us shine in front of some Buckeye fans, and maybe some record execs too. (PS. if you have a floor we could crash on let us know).

***September 15, 2006

WEFTfest baby! Check out the shows page for more details, but this should be an outdoor extravaganza the likes of which have never been seen... or heard. It's like a big outdoor beergarden birthyday party for the radio station with beer and fun stuff for the kids, like beer. Free admission, but if you are too lazy to leave your house tune into 90.1 and listen to us live. and keep your eyes on the site, i think we are finally going to get videos on here, cross your fingers and legs, and eyes, and tails.

***August 31, 2006

RIP NADAVAN! The ever reliable, always smelly, and usually broken down NADAVAN will be put to sleep this weekend after 4 years of faithfull servitude, she will be missed. A memorial service is being held at The Office saturday night starting at 10pm. In other news, summer is coming to a close. So sad... so sad... We want to thank all those fans who came out last friday night, we loved seeing you. And we want to wish eternal damnation on all those fans who had better things to do. The new t-shirts are going fast so get your soon, or you will miss out and not look as cool as your friends.

***August 21, 2006

Check out our shows page for updated gigs in Champaign and Chicago! Also, a little studio update... we are stillworking it, and getting some good stuff down. we just finished up a sweet session last weekend, and we will be back in the studio next month. The album is on track for a spring release so start saving your $10 now, cheapskates!

***August 2, 2006

We Survived Warped Tour. It was quite the experience. we wanna give a shout out to all the fans that traveled over to Indy to watch us in the heat. Thanks to the security guard who kept us so safe. thanks to the caterers who showered us with free food. thanks to the new nadafans that we made, we hope to see you at our future shows. And now it's back to work in the studio for us. We've got time scheduled for this month and next, we're trying to crank this album out as fast as we can for you guys, but we need it to be perfect. oh, and go check out the Rentals/Ozma show if they are playing in your town, they are back and on fire.

***June 6, 2006

THE END OF THE WORLD!!! We're playing a show on this years Warped Tour! Get your tickets now for July 28th in Indianapolis. We will be playing on the Hot Topic Side Stage sometime from open to close. There will be lots of new merch and lots of other super great bands playing (obviously). Go check out the Warped tour site, our name is right above NOFX. Also, we're playing a house party this saturday night, check our myspace site for more details...

***February 6, 2006

LAST MINUTE SHOW!!! Check us out in Dekalb, IL this friday night at Northern Illinois University's Lincoln Hall Lounge. It's a free show, starting at 8:00 with the Cowabunga Boys. should be a crazy one.

***January 30, 2005

"the cover up was awesome, but i can't help feeling a little depressed now that there is nothing to look forward to. i mean...there is the wedding and vegas and the new album and a billion other things, but i always feel this way after a crazy fun weekend. i guess i'll do some laundry and go to the bank. but what then? alright. good job everyone. go team finga." -Eddy

***January 16, 2006

Yo yo yo, it's time for THE GREAT COVER UP! I know you are all seriously anticipating the triumphant return of Nadafinga to this annual event. And we promise not to dissapoint. Here are the off the hook details for catching us... We play on the thunderous 3rd night of the extravaganza, and we are opening the show at 9:00. This year is it being held at The Cowboy Monkey instead of the Highdive. This will sell out early, so get there as soon as you can. i repeat... this will sell out early. So for those of you wondering who we are covering this year, here are some hints: We are not cross-dressing, we are not a food group, and i get in trouble when i try to use my Bon Jovi voice. I hope to see you all there, it will be another memorable performance, guranteed.

***December 07, 2005

Ahoy! Winter Weekend shows are here. We are continuing our "Cruise/Holmes" road trip, with the "We got Katie Holmes Pregnant" leg of the tour. Check us out this weekend in some cool mid-eastern states. Let us know if we can stay at your house, because i am guessing it will be colder than it was in August, and sleeping in the van won't be as fun. Also, besides checking out our cool myspace site (run by the devil), also check out the new myspace fan club group (run by Jesus) that one of our superfans started. it has cooler photos of us, starts rumors and tells our secretest most secrets. Plus, we gotta give a shout out to all the peeps who rocked the house party over turkey day weekend with us. Thanks to Gush for helping us out, and to all you drunk bastards for not puking on us until after the show. See you all in the next basement, or on the road....

***October 25, 2005

Attention Chicago Fans... prepare yourselves for our return this November 19th. We will be bringing all the artillary in our rock arsenal. That is musician talk for we will kick ass. We'll hopefully have new stickers to pass out too. A special thanks to everyone who came out to rock with us and Menthol last saturday. We made some new friends with Green Light Go, and will try to hook up with them again in the future. until then... au revoir amigos!

***September 29, 2005

Check out our "shows" page for all the upcoming rock events. Also get ready for some awesome video clips that should be up shortly on our downloads page, including some footage of our recent Indianapolis show at the Emerson Theater, where we got our first taste of bottle and can warfare. If any fans out there have suggestions or guesses as to whom we might be covering at this years Cover Up, list them on the guestbook...

***August 1st, 2005

Work has begun on the next Nada-album, no tentative dates for release yet, but we'll let you know when we know, but either way, be prepared to be rocked like a hurricane... We're also booking some late August dates in and around Illinois, we'll keep you posted...

***July 21st, 2005

Our weekend tour has begun, look for us in Champaign, Topeka and St. Louis this weekend, check out the shows section for more details

***July 19th, 2005

There has been a death in the Nadafinga family, alas, the Nada-van has rode off into her last sunset. We will ba having a private service at Mack's Auto Recycling next weekend, send money in lieu of flowers, cuz we need a new van ASAP! Nada-Van, we hardly knew you... look for a memoriam page soon... Nada-Van 1987-2005, whimper whimper