She Died

She was sluttin it out in some rusty corvette
with a douchebag named Rocco that i've never met
doing my girl was his first mistake
the second was parking on a hill with bad brakes
the car started to rock from their baskseat passion
and wouldn't you know their setbelts weren't fastened

She died
while having sex with some other guy
she died
and i can tell you all that i'm not gonna cry

As they rolled down the street into heavy traffic
they were doing it like rhinos in national geographic
they took her off of life support disconneced the tubes
but all I could think about was that she still had nice boobs
but they would surely burn off when she wound up in hell
cause they were made of silicone and don't like fire so well

My emotions are wrecked i have mixed feelings
it's hard to feel sad with thoughts of her heavy breathing

Two weeks later her ghost came back to apologize
but the ghost of Rocco was still between her thighs
so I tried to punch him but I fell down instead
it's hard to punch someone who is already dead

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