The Robots Are Easy

You never thought that you'd get caught
with your legion of whore robots
your mechanical pimping days are through
popular science hasn't been renewed

You say you provide a service
to the guys that are too nervous
but you shouldn't have to settle
for a girl made out of metal

Now there's no more bustin' nuts
let's find human sluts

slow down robot
you're too fast for me
slow down robot
you're too fast
slow down robot
you're too fast for me
let me stick another quarter up your ass

Say goodbye to your robot lover
no longer programmed to hover
over your greased up genitalia
to go down under like Australia
stop saying you love them so much
don't you want someone who can feel your touch
if they were real I know they would cry
their wires would melt and their circuits would fry

Domo domo
domo domo
domo domo
big whore roboto
I sure love you alot-o


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