Mendy Von Beautiful

She always seems to hide
behind a smile deep inside
her knobs, they overwhelm me
my inside's out and I can't tell if she
has eyes for me or if she's nothing but a god damn flirt
don't want to give myself away cause i don't want to get hurt

Hey hey Mendy
von beautiful
hey hey Mendy
don't let me go
hey hey Mendy
von beautiful
hey hey Mendy
I guess you'll never know

She has her own look
she has her own style
It's the way she squints
her eyes when she smiles
there was that one time
that she bit my shoulder
that's ok cause I
only need one arm to hold her

Now don't go
getting sobby
just cause you heard
she's dating Robby
you still have a chance
I'll warn ya
that's because he's gonna move
to California

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