Double D

they are round, maybe 6 pounds, or 10
you could colonize very small towns on them
flesh-toned mounds, 4 feet from the ground
help me conjugate spanish verbs and nouns
like yo quiero los boobies grande
put a nipple hat on mahatma ghandi
over the shoulder boulder holder
are you excited or is it getting colder
there's just one issue left to address
will your twin peaks pass my endurance test

be my guest,
drop your dress,
one's east,
one's west
let me see if those knockers knock a hole in my chest

double D, double D, is it too much to want to be
double D, double D, suffocated in between
double D, double D, two big warm bags of saline
double D, double D, much better than a magazine
double, double D,
double, double D, breasts
double, double D,
double, double D, breasts

you have beautiful eyes,
i like their size i'm hypmotized
by the shirt they hide behind your jiggly pec's,
without any special effects
are bigger than a tyranasaurus rex
more than a mouthfull, don't try to bite it
more than a handfull, even for Andre the giant
never worry about sinking no need to panic
your big bouys could have floated the whole damn titanic
squeeze your mangos, shake your maraccas
i know han solo did it to chewbacca's
rub your lamps, while i dream of genie
i'll wish for cherries on top of your whip cream bikini
in the love shack, with your rose capped rack
let me lose my needle in your mammoth hay stacks
tune in to tokyo, listen as the song goes,
you grab my chopstick, i'll grab your bongos
mmm i'm hungry for a silicone sandwhich
if there's gold in dem dere hills, then you are a rich bitch
i like when your tank top droops and sags
lets me look in on your happy fun bags
you got a protruding pointy upperdeck section
if you're doing jumping jacks, better wear eye protection
i'm just a pirate, and i want my treasure chests
let my rest my wooden leg between your booby breasts


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