Don't Dump Me

Don't you hate it when
you lose your girlfriend
to another guy
don't ask me why
he just seems to be
a little less ugly
more testosterone
equals a smaller bone

My haircut may not be up to date
I blame my breath on lack of colgate
my clothes were cool in 1988
my swatch watch broke, sorry i'm late
I used to think i was pretty smooth (so smoooth)
then a hooch bottle hit me and chipped my tooth (so smoooth)

Don't, don't, don't dump me tonight (where you goin' girl?)
don't, don't, don't dump me tonight (why you leavin' me?)
I know we had a little fight (did you have to break my nose?)
that's cause you always think you're right (but you're not this time beotch)
and we all know i am full of shite (you're the one full of shit)
don't, don't don't dump me tonight

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