Crack Girl

So this is where it started
I was mentally retarded
me and my girl have since departed
leaving me broken hearted

Figuring out what went wrong
felt like i was strung along
everythings so unexpected
now i'm feeling so rejected

she's a crack girl
she's on crack, yeah
she's a crack girl
she's on cra-ack
she's a crack girl
she's on crack
and i don't think i want her back

You're not the same girl anymore
not like the one I knew before
I can't say that I get bored
but all you wanna do is score

And I've got my suspicions
that your sexual ambitions
have crossed anothers path
cause I caught you givin' his weiner a tongue bath

You can't bend too far
from the person that you really are
before we were done with goodbyes
you were off doin' other guys

And how's it supposed to make me feel
makes me think we had nothing real
I think you give girls a bad name
and yeah I think you are to blame

she's a crackgirl
on her back whirl-
ing around and round til she finds another guy

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