Cheap Wine

You smell like cheap wine
and cherry bubble gum
you lookin' for a good time
you lookin' for some fun.

I know a place where we can go
where it hardly ever snows
cause I know when you get cold
you get little goosebumps

The stars shine brightly there
and the wind blows through your hair
I know I shouldn't care
but it gets all tangly.

You told me to come pick you up
in my red pick up truck
but I must have bad luck
cause i got in a car wreck

The car hit me from behind
where the old road starts to wind
steering wheel went through my mind
and now i'm in a coma

While you're down there on your knees
please don't give me a disease
like any fleas or herpes
cause they might itch alot

Don't steal my watch when you're done
cause I've only got one
call girls can be alot of fun
but nothing beats nintendo


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