Blind Girls Best

When she tells me to turn
off the tv and come to dinner
i just put the game on mute
and watch to see who's the winner

And when we're going out
i get to pick out her clothes
it's ok if they don't match
how the hell is she ever gonna know

I like the blind girls best
they don't care about my appearence
when i flip them off they don't get upset
that's why i like the blind girls best

that's whyyyyyy i like them better
that's whyyyyyy i'll never let her
go o o o o o

Well i hate to say it
but she's on a losing streak
because i always win
when we play hide and seek

And if i break any of her stuff
i'll scream oh my god
but then i'll blame it all
on her seeing eye dog

I get to read her diary
and all her mail
and anything else that doesn't
come in braille

And on april fools day
when i move all the furniture around
she doesn't get all pissed off
when she trips and falls on the ground

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