Laura's Birthday Song v2.0

It's your birthday, today
happy birthday Laura
spent the night, on your couch
now i am sore-a

I've got to leave, again
I'm still an immature kid
I don't mean to make you cry
can't help but be stupid

I need a girl who will hold my hand
and she will understand, why i'm in a band
and she'll keep me away from quicksand
cause quicksand is scary

Like nunchucks and boo berry
poltergeist and luke perry
Mrs. Olson and Nellie
from little house on the prairie
All i want is my own bat cave
or a girl who will make me be brave

Smoking your, cigarettes
that's something I won't miss
I couldn't tell you I wasn't ready
I was scared of seriousness

You've gone to medical school
and I don't have your address
I'll write you a letter anyway
don't forget to read the PS.... it says

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