I saw you down on contestants row
looking so fine like a high price ho
you bid just right on the rice-a-roni
and now we're together i'm not so lonely

Plinko plinko everybody shouts
you could win some golf clubs or a new couch
who cares if the car screams luxury
the biggest prize of all my dear is coming home with me

Are you the stalker that stalks me at night
no i'm Bob Barker from the Price is Right
and if your bid is closest to
the actual retail price then baby, i'll love you

Barker style
Bobby Bob Barker style
not Marky Mark Marker style
Bobby Bob Barker style

Take a deep breath it's time to spin
the big wheel baby i hope you win
you gotta get a dollar to keep playing the game
do it and i'll make you holler, screaming my name

Do you like my tan, white hair, big smile
when i said come on down, i didn't mean the aisle
cause i'll do it again like i did it before
i'll make you my bitch like Happy Gilmore

Stop smiling now cause it's the final round
it all comes down to the showcase showdown
how much could that sailboat be
plus the trip to paris and the color tv

You guessed a little high which really turned me on
but that all went away when you got it really wrong
so now i say goodbye, i'm off to eat at hooters
remember to have your pets spayed and neutered

Plinko, plinko, plinko, everybody
Plinko, plinko, plinko, everybody
Plinko, plinko, plinko, everybody
Plinko, plinko, plinko, everybody.......

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