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***Episode 8 - World Domination
Kris McCarthy (Vocals, Guitar), Kevin Manus (Bass), Eddy Rippel (Lead Guitar), Kage (Drums)

Champaign-Urbana, Illinois has given us Roger Ebert, the invention of the Supercomputer, and is home to the University that gave Hugh Hefner a degree in pornography. Now C-U adds another entry among its contributions to pop culture with the powerhouse rock band, Nadafinga. Coming to the table with the Fountains of Wayne's quirky power-pop, The Bloodhound Gang’s signature vulgarity and the raw passion of the Foo Fighters, Nadafinga have cast a middle finger to the Gods of Rock. Nadafinga formed in 2001 in order to bring their explosive vision of rock to the people. Which they did last summer on their 2004 Midwest to West Coast HANGOVER TOUR, promoting their latest E.P., “Looks So Innocent”. Live, Nadafinga are a very tight rock unit, having played with bands as varied as Phantom Planet, Ozma, DaDA, Bottle of Justus, and their personal heroes The Ending. An addictive blend of bright tones, tainted humor, adhesive hooks and raw energy, Nadafinga’s live performance highlights the band's humorous approach to thoughtful subjects. The future has never been brighter for Nadafinga, who plan on returning to the studio to record their first full length album and continue touring this summer. Look for them at a venue near you!